一、get in/get on 搭乘
同義詞  get in = enter get on = board
反義詞  get in  get out of 下來
     get on get off 下來
1. It’s easiest to get in the car from the driver’s side. The door on the other side doesn’t work well.
2. I always get on the bus to work at 34th Street.
用法 Usage
get in 用於搭乘小型交通工具 如:car(汽車)、taxi(計程車)或 van廂型車)等;若是指搭乘沈車以外的交通工具,例如:bus(公車)ship 船 或 airplane(飛機)等,則用get on。Get on後面可不接受詞,on當副詞用。 

二、get out of/get off (從交通工具)下來
同義詞 get out of = leave get off = leave, alight, descend from
1. Why don’t we stop and get out of the car for a while?
2. Helen got off the train at the 42nd Street terminal.
用法 Usage
get out of 用於小型乘車類交通工具;get off用於大型交通工具,例如:bus(公車),rain(火車),ship(船),airplane(飛機)等。Get off 後面可不接受詞,off 當副詞用。

三、put on 穿戴(通常指衣服)
同義詞 have on
相關語 wear, be dressed in, dress oneself in 穿著
1. Mary put on her coat and left the room.
2. Put your hat on before you leave the house.
put on 是指動態的,本來沒穿,現在才要穿上;而相關字中 wear,be dressed in, dress oneself in 是靜態的,指目前已經穿在身上了。此為可分開片語動詞。 

四、take off脫下(通常指衣服)
同義詞 remove
1. John took off his jacket as he entered the office.
2. Take your sweater off. The room is very warm.
用法 Usage
take on 為可分開片語動詞,可用take ~ off 形式。 

五、call up 打電話
同義詞 call sb, make a call to sb, phone sb, give sb a call, give sb a ring , ring sb up
1. I forgot to call up Mr. Jones yesterday. I’d better call him now.
2. Call me up tomorrow, Jane. We’ll arrange a time to have lunch together.
3. I promise to give you a call as soon as I arrive in New York.
用法 Usage
可分開片語動詞,可用call ~ up 形式。
六、turn on 打開(指打開電源或水龍頭)
同義詞 switch on, start
相關語 turn up 將音量調高;turn down 將音量調低
1. Please turn on the light; it’s too dark in here.
2. Do you know who turned the air conditioning on?
用法 Usage
turn on 常用於打開電器、自來水、瓦斯等,為可分開片語動詞。 

七、turn off 關掉(指關掉電源或水龍頭)
同義詞 stop, switch off, shut off
1. Please turn off the light when you leave the room.
2. Are you really listening to the radio, or should I turn it off?

八、right away 馬上
同義詞 immediately, instantly, at once, very soon, in no time, right off the bat
1. Dad says that dinner will be ready right away, so we’d better wash our hands and set the table.
2. Tell Will to come to my off ice right away. I must see him immediately.
3. Stop playing that loud music at once!
用法 Usage
若表示「現在立刻」的意思,亦可用right now。

九、pick up (1)撿起;(2)接人
同義詞 (1)lift up (2)give sb alift
1. Harry picked up the newspaper that was on the front doorstep.
2. Could you pick your toy up before someone falls over it?
用法 Usage
特別指用手指去拿。為可分開片語動詞,可用pick~up 形式。

十、sooner or later 遲早
同義詞 eventually
1. If you study English seriously, sooner or later you’ll become fluent.
2. I’m too tired to do my homework now; I’m sure I’ll do it sooner or later.

十一、get up 起床
同義詞 arise, get out of bed
相關語 get up (rise)with the chicken 聞雞起舞
go to bed with the chicken 早睡
1. Carla gets up at seven o’clock every morning.
2. At what time should we get the children up tomorrow?
用法 Usage
可分開片語動詞,可用get ~ up 形式。

十二、at first 起初
同義詞 in the beginning, at the start, originally
1. At first English was difficult for him, but later he made great progress.
2. I thought at first that it was Sheila calling, but then I realized that it was Betty.


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